This little guys Morning routine

Morning routine for this guy...
+Screams for ball
+Spends every minute with his ball
There might be occasional snacks and snuggles in between :)

Happy weekend! 


2018 Hair

Well hello 2018! So it's been a good minute since I posted...story of my freakin' life! I wanted to start this year off with a fresh start... you know the usual house sprucing, body image sprucing....blah! blah! blah! No, but seriously my hair needed a good sprucing. I've been putting off making a hair appointment and I could not stand it anymore. So of course I took the matter into my own hands :) 
A coupon and a box of hair dye later makes for one happy gal. 
This was way easier and a lot less scary than I was thinking it was going to be.  Not to mention I loved the product. I used Revlon Colorsilk Butter Cream in dark brown. I loved it! It did what I needed it to do which was cover up some orange very brassy tones I had going on. I also liked that it did not leave a horrible chemical smell in my hair. It actually smelt really nice. 
Bam! So there ya have it. A fresh new do to start off a fresh new year.  Thanks Revlon!