One year and 26 days.....

That's when this little guy started walking. A little late than his big brothers, but he did it! No more wanting to hold on to our fingers as he tries to get around. He demands we let go as he proves that he is a little more independent now. Totally breaks my heart. He's very clumsy... a little too clumsy. He's bumped his head more times than I can count.... that doesn't stop him. So have fun on your new adventures little guy and try to fall less :)



Banana Party

This past weekend we decided to have a very last minute shindig for our little guy who just turned one. I was not feeling the throwing a party vibe at all. Let's face it life is just crazy right now.... yeah, yeah, bad Mom award right here. Anyways, my other half basically told me we had to. For the theme I decided to go with Brody's favorite thing in the world...bananas of course!  I sent out an invite to some family members and Bam, a party we had. Here's a few horrible pics that I was able to take in between the madness. 

A fun party indeed. So thankful for all our family that came down and made celebrating his first year of life a great one! Sometimes we just gotta listen to our hubbys. Sometimes they are right....sometimes.