Oh joy

Well the unthinkable happened to me. You know the thing that you try to blame someone else for but in reality you are the only one to blame. Yup i got caught up in all these summer vacay whoo hoo no worries state of mind and completely abandoned my dear old blog. So what happens when you forget to renew your domain name in a timely manner? Well someone snags it of course and tries to sell it to you for a crap load of money. Yea not cool man, not cool! And to top it off I've been craving thicker eyebrows. I've gone this far without waxing or tweezing. No more bathroom butchered eybrows for this girl. Lets see how long this lasts. So anywho the good thing is I've been dying to start a new blog or revamp my old one <<which is not going to happen... So here we are Welcome to my new blog.. grab a doughnut and some hot cocoa.. this is my new journey.
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