August Beauty Favorites

Okay, so I bought this Biore face cleansing scrub from Target a few weeks ago & I'm totally addicted. I'm gonna be honest I'm not into buying all types of cleansers for my face, but lately I guess my hormones are all out of wack! Thanks to this little person growing inside of me. I started breaking out terribly on the sides of my cheeks & went into freak mode & let me tell ya this stuff has been a life saver. This Biore exfoliates your skin and makes it feel so fresh & clean. I was worried about it leaving my face feeling dry and stiff, but nope it sure didn't.I hate wearing hairspray only because everyone that I try & that actually holds leaves my hair feeling dirty, stiff and not very flowy like. I don't think thats a word, but you get what I'm trying to say?  Now, this Dove hairspray does the total opposite. It smells great and actually holds without leaving your hair stiff. Me gusta mucho!I  recently ran out of concealer & honestly I've been way to lazy to drag myself to the mall and hit up Sephora so I thought I would settle for this Match Perfection from Rimmel. Thank God they finally built a Target right down the street. I really like it! I like that for one it is super cheap & two it goes on as liquid and as you dab it on it kinda turns into powder-ish form. It covers just about anything which is quite lovely. It is a squeeze tube and has a brush at the end where it dispenses the concealer. The only downfall is a little does not go a long way. In other words I don't see this lasting me as long as I'm use to.Oh & if you are wondering I picked up this very cute makeup bag from forever 21 for a whopping $4! Pretty awesome eh? Toodles for now :)
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