Potty training tips...

I know it's been a long while, but I thought this little event in our life was a little blog worthy. We reached this stage in life. The stage where my little guy is moving on to big boy status. All the complaining about having to change stinky pampers is just a memory now. Sad I know... Gosh what I would do to change another diaper... Anyways if you haven't figured it out  by now my baby if officially potty trained. Seriously! Now all kiddos are different, I remember our first baby being super easy to potty train. He was officially squatting on the toilet the weekend before he hit two years old. Now this guy here----> not so much. He was more like lets play games, like hide and pee... let mom guess where I peed today. Ah, my favorite. So what does a mom do with a 2 1/2 year old who is going about life like he or she has no worry in the world. Here are a few tips from one mommy to another...

1. Time
yup, potty training  takes lots of time with a child like this. First you have to basically neglect anything else going on.... like your life. Forget those dishes you will eventually get to them... Blow off the hubs till a later time. Doing that will give you plenty of time.  Forget taking that extra time you spend on yourself in the shower. For goodness sake woman no one is going to be checking you out. More than likely you smell like poop & if you smell like poop chances are you probably have poop under those unpolished fingernails. And if they are manicured that just means you are not spending enough time propped up next to a toilet with a little smiley grubby face staring right back at ya! 

2. Is your wallet ready? 
So I know you are asking.... What do you mean is your wallet ready Jen?  Yeah, I know you are expecting to save money now that you are potty training..... But nope! Now your money will be going to either two things depending on what kind of mommy you are. So are you one of those moms who feels like you just gotta go out and buy all those snazzy little pull-ups for your precious big kid? Well news flash those things are pricey for something thats going to get pooped in... or not. Or you may be a mom like me who shows up one day with these really cool undies... only because every kid would definitely say, WOW those are cool let me go potty like a big kid. Yea, just magically like that. Well prepare for you water bill to  sky rocket. Do you know how many baths this kid of mine has taken this past month? Do you know how many times I've ran my washer other than on laundry day! Ohhhhh, & I'm not a fan of running my washer other than on laundry day.  Lets just say I lost count of how many times I turn the tub on and push those buttons on our washer. Going Cammando always works as well....  just prepare to see some funky new dance moves  your kid comes up with especially if you have a darling little boy. Chances are lots of exploring will be going on there as well. 

3. Reward your little person
Speaking of money that reminds me you might want to go out and get some kind of treat for your accomplished little person. I know what you are thingking... wow that is just bad! Well let me tell ya we used treats for our boxer dog and she did fan-freakin'-tastic. Now this little guy goes crazy anytime he sees candy, doughnuts, cake or basically anything that is pure sugar and does his little body no good. Of course when he pops a squat and actually goes in the hole you are going to want to reward him! DUH! Toss him a little jelly bean of something else that will make him jump off the wall. 

4. No room for slacking 
Okay, so now this is where we get real. Just because you are in the process of potty training doesn't mean you get to half ass anything. Yea, when you go out to places don't you dare throw a diaper on that kid! Take the chance... Prepare yourself for a puddle of pee in the middle of the restaurant. It happened to me and we got through it just fine! Once you start the potty process their is no going back my friend. 

5. Make hand sanatizer your best friend
Now that you are not slacking and taking the chance while out and about you will have to make sure you have sanitizer on you at all times. Even though you just left the house and told your little one to go potty chances are they will have to go once you get to your destination. Happens every time! Believe me! Once you are in the restroom of some random place your little one will feel like he has to explore everything....EVERYTHING! He will feel like he should somehow flush the toilet even though it flushes as soon as he gets up. He will see some object sticking out of a small trash can and ask who had an ouchy and feel the need to explore the crime scene. Prepare yourself mom!

5. Brush up on your dancing skills
After your little person finally takes care of business you will need to show him some kind of recognition. Sure they might really enjoy that jelly bean you just gave them, but nothing makes a kid more excited than seeing their parent get down!   Start dancing your butt off. Every kid loves a little dancing especially if its the potty dance. So come up with a great little jingle and some cool dance moves to go along with it. This will get your little one begging to go potty just for the outcome of a wonderful little dance off! 

So take these tips and go potty train your spawn ;)

This was a post that I wrote on a day where I decided to drink coffee till past noon & the kiddo decided to have one extra long nap. While sitting at the table pretty bored &  trying to take in that I now have a big boy on my hands...---->sad face<---- All in jokes & fun guys... calm down. ;)
6 comments on "Potty training tips..."
  1. Great advice!! Potty training definitely took time and patience but when he finally was out of diapers my dancing didn't need any practice--those moves were genuine and came naturally. Haha I was probably more excited than my kid!!

    1. Hahah, same here super excited. They just don't understand what a big deal going on the potty is.

  2. I remember the days well...all good advice.

  3. We're in the midst of potty training here...

    1. Oh dear! Good Luck to you and the adventures of potty training! :)