Summer Beauty Favorites

I'm a lip balm addict! The Smith's minted rose lip balm is my newest addiction. I'm so picky about lip balm it's ridiculous, but I found this at Sephora for $6 and love it! The only thing I hate is it can be tricky to open, especially if you have lotion on your hands ;)
I'm  pretty much in love with this bracelet  from Forever21! Since I have oddly skinny wrists & ankles that don't proportion out with the rest of my body I've been wearing it as an anklet. ;) The colorful layered bracelet I picked up from Target is one of my other go to accessory for the summer. I love the colors & how it can make a casual outfit a little more fun. I found this two in one Bite lipstick at Sephora for only $12! I did purchase two, but I have a toddler who seems to really enjoy using them as colors. :( They last forever and have a nice matte look to them. I'm also obsessed with this blush & bronzer from Sephora. I have not stopped using this shade of blush since I purchased it two months ago! Okay, so this Aveeno brighting cleanser is amazing. I love the smell and how it does not leave my face dry afterwards. I was a little hesitant on trying the Jergens natural glow. I used it for my thighs to even out my short tan that I had going on. It helped even out my tone so I don't have that awkward tan line while wearing and swim suit.
My hair can be pretty annoying. It's curly, frizzy, wavy  & just plain blah! I use this Frizz ease when I'm lazy and don't feel like doing anything with my hair. I just apply some to my damp hair once I get out of the shower & bam it gives me a natural wavy/curly look with less frizz. Now this Dove clear tone deodorant is heavenly! It smells amazing & actually does the job. It runs around $8, but worth every penny. I'm still trying to transition to the just wax, but I still shave my underarms :0 I know, I know wawawawawaaaa. With that being said I started to notice a darker tone under my arms so I tried this deodorant to even things out & yup it did! It lighted up my armpits & gave them an even tone.  So there you have it a few of my favorite beauty products I've been using this summer. Now excuse my while I  go scrub the vibrant magenta lipstick out of my cream colored loveseat. 

1 comment on "Summer Beauty Favorites"
  1. I have that Smith's as well. It's a keeper!

    There is one in a green tub that I actually like a little better, though. It's hard to find, but it's worth it (in my opinion--I actually blogged about the differences a while back).